Top Ultrasound Technician Schools in Colorado

Sonographic imaging is an important part of medical science and hospital treatment. While the general public thinks of sonograms as pre-natal images of babies in the womb, graduates of ultrasound schools in Denver will learn the full scope of the technology. Sonography, using the same sort of Doppler imaging used for storm tracking on the Weather Channel, give dynamic, real time views of blood flow through muscle tissue. The technique is also used for echocardiograms, guiding surgical biopsies, and more.

List of Ultrasound Tech Schools near Colorado
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ultrasound technician image1The career prospects for students at ultrasound tech programs in colorado are excellent. There are two-year and four-year programs available, strong demand for medical technicians in general, and even the two-year degree graduates can command a basic salary in excess of $40,000 a year shortly after being hired. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, expected demand for sonography technicians is about 44% over the next decade.

Most sonography programs are tied into a four year university's radiology program. While sonograms don't emit radiation, they can be confusing for a layman to interpret, and there's considerable education in how to read them. Good sonograph technicians also need to know the underlying physics underlying the tool, and learn to communicate clearly. Expect coursework in clear writing, in algebra and in physics and radiotherapy as part of a program.

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The addition of two-year programs in ultrasound is a relatively recent change in the education for this field, as the demand has outstripped the supply of qualified technicians. Ultrasound colleges in Colorado offering a two-year program are usually part of a community college system, and focus on the more practical, hands-on aspects of the job. The programs involve familiarizing the students with the equipment, and communicating clearly with doctors rather than directly with patients. Many associate's degree holders move on from a sonography program directly to working in hospitals - and a large number of them eventually go back to school for the four year sonography degree, or move on into nursing. A number of technicians even move on to full on MDs, because they enjoy the challenge of helping people.

Sonography coursework is challenging. If you've never had good study habits, you'll need to - expect there to be a lot of technical reading as you progress through the classes. The admission process is highly selective. Colorado has eight schools offering two-year associates degrees, but only produces 330 graduates per year - this means that at any one time, there are roughly forty students admitted to the program on an annual basis. The upside of this selection rigor is that almost 90% of students who make it into the program complete it, which is better than four-year-degree graduation rates. Community college based programs, and dedicated sonography schools in Colorado, are reasonably priced with per-semester tuitions around $5,000 or so, about half the price of a four-year degree program. Financial aid and scholarships are available for qualifying students, as is test preparation assistance for sitting for the final professional certification exam.

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