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What is a sonogram? Image is a sonogram of a four month old fetus

What Is a Sonogram?

Dr. McCoy whips out his trusty tricorder and waves it over his patient. As if by magic, a three-dimensional image of the organs and muscles and circulatory system appear on the screen. With this information in hand, Bones can see that the five-month-old fetus is doing just fine. Yes, it sounds like science fiction. But… Read More »

ultrasound technician image1

Types Of Ultrasound Imaging

Ultrasound technology provides the ability to capture real-time images of what is going on in your body using sound waves. The technology provides an alternative to other more invasive methods or the use of radiation. While most often ultrasounds are associated with pregnancy, in reality there are many types of uses for ultrasound imaging.  Pelvic… Read More »

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What Is An Ultrasound?

There are always jobs for people who enter the ultrasound technology field. You do not have to be a technology expert, but you should want to work in a medical setting. Ultrasound technicians associate with doctors, nurses and patients. You will find them working in clinics, hospitals and medical imaging centers. The main duty is… Read More »