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ultrasound apparatus used

Ultrasound Technician Success Factor: Must Know How Ultrasound Works

Do you want to work in healthcare but don’t know what job is right for you? We suggest seriously considering working as an ultrasound technician. Before you head on over to your local hospital to apply for a job, it is important for you first to understand how ultrasound works.  What Is Ultrasound? Ultrasound is… Read More »

woman checked through ultrasound machine

Different Portable Ultrasound Machine That Any Technician Should Know Of

Ultrasound machines are like Swiss army knives in the medical field. They need to perform a wide variety of functions in diverse applications and offer users exceptional portability. Many options exist for a portable ultrasound machine, but there is much you need to consider before choosing your perfect device. Quick Navigation What Is a Portable… Read More »

What is a sonogram? Image is a sonogram of a four month old fetus

What Is a Sonogram?

Dr. McCoy whips out his trusty tricorder and waves it over his patient. As if by magic, a three-dimensional image of the organs and muscles and circulatory system appear on the screen. With this information in hand, Bones can see that the five-month-old fetus is doing just fine. Yes, it sounds like science fiction. But… Read More »