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A trained medical professional earns her ultrasound tech salary by performing an ultrasound on a patient.

Ultrasound Tech Salary: How Much Can You Expect to Make?

Let’s be honest. Studying a field that you love is rewarding but knowing that you’re going to be paid well for it once you get a job in it makes it even more fulfilling. If you were considering to become an ultrasound technician, what kind of pay can you expect? If you are looking for… Read More »

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How Much Does an Ultrasound Cost and Why You Need This Career

Medical tests are becoming increasingly advanced in the past decade. Food allergy tests have moved beyond pinprick, and into blood testing, doctors have more specific disease markers to look for, and testing technology is becoming more advanced. As technology becomes more advanced, patients are left to wonder what this testing will cost them. They ask… Read More »

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How to Ace an Interview for an Ultrasound Technician Position?

Are you preparing to interview for your first ultrasound technician position post-graduation? Perhaps you have been working in the field for some time, but are looking to make a transition and want to learn the ins and outs to snag your dream job? Interviews are nerve-wracking experiences, but the anticipation of them is usually far… Read More »