Top Ultrasound Technician Schools in California

Schools in California can assist in opening up the doors for a fulfilling and rewarding career in Sonography. As of 2010, the mean average for these medical professionals was over $77,000 annually in this state. Statistics indicate that not only will there be an increased demand for the ultrasound technicians, but wages are also expected to increase. However, the first step in becoming an ultra sound tech is to obtain the right training and credentials from one of the many schools that are available.

List of Schools near California

Featured Program: Merced College


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At Merced College, the sonography certificate of achievement program is full-time and provides students with the many skills they will need to be ready for an entry level job in this area of the medical field. Hands-on training, labs, and clinical training supervised by the best professionals around help to make the students the best that they can under extremely high quality instruction.  The campus is equipped with top of the line and state of the art equipment that affords the students with every opportunity possible to gain expertise with and become comfortable operating and understanding the tools they will be operating in the day to day practice of their job. If you wish to pursue a fulfilling and fun career in the digital imaging field of sonography, enroll yourself at Merced College and start your journey today! 

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ultrasound technician image1Types of Programs Available

There are actually a few types of these programs available. This includes certificate, associate and bachelor degree programs. Not all schools will offer all of these programs. Certificate programs are generally shorter in duration but may last up to eighteen months, an associate's degree program consists of two years and a bachelor's degree is a four year program. Therefore, there are a wide variety of schools to choose from including technical or vocational schools, community colleges and even universities.

Admissions Process

Many schools operate on what is referred to as selective admissions criteria. This means that not just anyone can enter into these programs. There are often prerequisite courses which may be required such as language arts, anatomy and physiology, and even mathematics classes. Applicants may also have to maintain a specific grade point average (GPA), in order to be considered. Other criteria can include but is not limited to submitting to a criminal background check, showing proof of current immunization status and obtaining basic life support (BLS) certification. Requirements will vary by the individual learning institution.

Mode of Learning

Those wishing to become an ultrasound tech will have the option to choose between online learning, classroom learning or a combination of both. It is important to note though; even programs offered via online learning may still require that the student complete clinical rotations in order for successful completion. Clinical rotations are hands-on learning and application of skills in the real world under the supervision of an instructor or licensed health care personnel. The number of hours will vary based on the program type and the school of choice.

The Importance of Accreditation

Last but not least, another important aspect of considering the various schools in CA is accreditation. Attending and even graduating from a program that is not accredited can result in an employer failing to recognize credentials. While the state of California does not require that the individual be certified, this does not mean that an employer will consider an applicant that has attended a school that is not accredited or applicants that lack certification. This may be especially so for those that wish to specialize within a certain area of sonography. It is the role of the potential student to inquire about accreditation prior to attending the learning institution.

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