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What is a sonogram? Image is a sonogram of a four month old fetus

What Is a Sonogram?

What is a sonogram? Nothing much, just one of the most powerful medical innovations ever. From saving lives to seeing babies, sonograms are amazing!

ultrasound testing

How Much Does an Ultrasound Cost and Why You Need This Career

Medical tests are becoming increasingly advanced in the past decade. Food allergy tests have moved beyond pinprick, and into blood testing, doctors have more specific disease markers to look for, and testing technology is becoming more advanced. As technology becomes more advanced, patients are left to wonder what this testing will cost them. They ask… Read More »

woman checked through ultrasound machine

Different Portable Ultrasound Machine That Any Technician Should Know Of

Ultrasound machines are like Swiss army knives in the medical field. They need to perform a wide variety of functions in diverse applications and offer users exceptional portability. Many options exist for a portable ultrasound machine, but there is much you need to consider before choosing your perfect device. Quick Navigation What Is a Portable… Read More »