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A trained medical professional earns her ultrasound tech salary by performing an ultrasound on a patient.

Ultrasound Tech Salary: How Much Can You Expect to Make?

Let’s be honest. Studying a field that you love is rewarding but knowing that you’re going to be paid well for it once you get a job in it makes it even more fulfilling. If you were considering to become an ultrasound technician, what kind of pay can you expect? If you are looking for… Read More »


Sonogram vs Ultrasound: A More In-Depth Distinction Between The Two

If you struggle to see the distinction between sonograms and ultrasounds, you are hardly alone. Most people know there is a difference, but do not know what that difference is. Some people go so far as to use the terms interchangeably. That is why we have decided to provide this overview, in order to settle the sonogram… Read More »