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Ultrasound Technician Education: Our Guide

An ultrasound technician education is required if you want to work in this medical field. This job is one with many rewards and career opportunities, and it’s also one with strict requirements. Due to its sensitive nature, the person operating an ultrasound machine must be educated, well-trained, and proficient in both the medical and technology… Read More »

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Types of Ultrasounds to Learn for Aspiring Ultrasound Technicians

It takes two years to become an ultrasound technician. In these two years, ultrasound technicians learn different types of ultrasounds. So will you as you progress through the course.Imagine helping an expectant mother learn the sex of her fetus, or helping answer the questions of a pain patient. Ultrasounds are diagnostic tools. They produce images… Read More »

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Different Ultrasound Technician Certifications You Should Know About

One of the fastest growing fields in the medical industry is ultrasound technology. Every day there are hundreds of openings in this exciting field.  To get a job as an ultrasound technician, you will need one of the ultrasound technician certifications. This exciting field entails a variety of specialties. You can get one of the… Read More »